Invest in Yourself



Recently, I did something that I wasn’t looking forward to.  Friends had said I needed to do it, but I wasn’t ready.  It was going to be difficult, painful, and require that I get and accept the support and kindness of others.  That last part can be hard; especially when we are used to taking care of ourselves.  But I did it.  I got my knee replaced.

And they were right, it was painful – but it was also a huge relief. Almost immediately my normal gate returned, and I could walk faster with my cane than I could without one previously.  Now, I am staying committed to the re-hab.  Every day, building more strength and flexibility.  And yes, sometimes when they bend my knee water comes out my eyes.  But it’s worth it.  I am so happy that I am ready to go/see/do things that I didn’t before.  And I am so blessed to have a wonderful tribe around me.

It also gave me time to reflect on my choice to open my own business as a speaker.  Is it really the thing that makes me happiest?  YES.  And it let’s me share my learnings with others. I am happy to say the down time gave time to work on getting some bookings on the calendar; and I am so excited to see my calendar grow everyday.

Are you doing what you are passionate about?  Why not?  Are you taking care of yourself? Why not?

When those two things go together, it’s a beautiful thing.