Polishing Your Communication


Are you a Student Athlete, or the parent or guardian of a talented Student Athlete? Are you hoping to advance to the next level?  If you love your sport and are hoping to make yourself a likely choice for recruiters, Polish Your Communication is the book for you.

Lisa Fey and Cheri Naudin have teamed up to give you 52 Tips for enhancing your potential for colleges and universities to select you. Their focus?  Enhancing your communication skills. This powerful advantage is about becoming the most effective Student Athlete you can be.

A huge difference in a competitive field may be in your presentation, your team skills, and possibly an improved academic or work ethic. Their advice can help you respect the power of social media and learn to navigate it properly to your advantage. In addition, their tips can help you learn to interpret coach preferences, ask smart questions of coaches and trainers, eliminate excuses, and deliver results that go beyond making a spectacular play.