Applied Improv

Keep Your Business Nimble with Improv Training

The term “Applied Improv” probably would elicit some fears from your teams, but it shouldn’t. Improv training is actually incredibly effective business training. Your business, utilizing the principles of improv, can pivot faster, collaborate better, and unlock new potential.

Lisa “Fun” Fey can lead your teams through applied improvisation workshops – taking your team to the next level. She draws from the more fun side of her life as an actor at the Whole World Improv Theatre and The Punchline Comedy Club to help business trainees stretch beyond their comfort zones.

What is Applied Improv?

Applied improv means taking the lessons of improv and ‘applying’ them to your everyday performance. Essentially, applied improv takes principles and lessons from the arts (like music and theater) and uses them in non-theatrical or non-performing situations. It also leans into creativity and collaboration to create more effective communication. Communication is vital on business teams, and is often the biggest issue holding them back. It forces participants to respond to on-the-spot suggestions without written lines or prepared scripts. This means active listening and really thinking on your feet.


Learning While Laughing

An applied improv workshop may sound intimidating, but with Lisa it doesn’t have to be. She takes teams through the applied principles of improv including: accept all offers, recognize gifts, build on every idea, and support fellow players. As a member of the National Improv Association, she is fully equipped and trained to lead teams through these workshops, having a ton of fun along the way. They laugh, learn, and leave more collaborative and tapping into their full creative potential.

For Lisa, one of the most powerful lessons within a business improv session is to create positive momentum by using the improv rule of “Yes, and…”. Participants must first accept whatever their partner does and build on it from there. This means that they cannot deny what was said before. People have to be fully present, fully listening, and fully invested in what they are doing. This translates beautifully to business and can drive needed change for workplaces that rely on adaptability.

Improv doesn’t have to be miserable or scary, and Lisa makes it fun. Her workshops can polish presentation skills for everyone on your team regardless of their role or experience. It teaches people to communicate with emotion and expressiveness and helps them learn to deliver the facts in a memorable way – entirely within a low-pressure situation. This leaves each team member more prepared.

For a fun learning experience that will leave your team energized and with new skills, book an Applied Improv workshop with Lisa “Fun” Fey. She can’t wait to help your teams grow.

Lisa is a seasoned public speaker, trainer, and communicator. She joined in one of my MBA sessions as a guest speaker to demonstrate practical improv skills that can be applied in various daily work scenarios. I would recommend Lisa to any corporate that has an urgent need for employee communication training.

Alec Hou
Director, HSBC Commercial Real Estate

My MBA cohort and I were treated to an enjoyable and informative session of improv led by Lisa. Through some interactive group activities, we found direct applications of improv techniques in Business Development and Sales settings. Lisa's enthusiasm was infectious and she successfully managed to get many of us out of our comfort zone - where the real learning happens!

Oshi M.
Cross-functional Leader | MBA | 10+ years in Biotech & Healthcare

Lisa gave a communication and improv seminar to the members of my MBA cohort in January 2021. She engaged the class from the outset and helped me learn how improv techniques can foster communication that fosters idea generation. If ideas and communication are important for your teams, Lisa can help you reach the next level.

Allan DeBono