Keynote Speaking

With over 30 years of corporate leadership under her proverbial belt, Lisa creates programs that are tailored to each audience and event. She considers the issues that are truly facing the business or participants and uses them to create programs that deliver. Her keynote addresses leave audiences laughing and on fire to create positive change in their own jobs.

Who wants to sit through another ho-hum keynote speaker riffing the same spiel you hear over and over? No one. A keynote address should be dynamic, engaging, and daresay fun. Lisa “Fun” Fey brings all of this to the table and then some. Your teams will learn by laughing and will feel like their time was well-spent when they leave.

Lisa’s Approach - Be Fun and Engaging

In short, she uses effective business humor. As Lisa considers her audience, the event, the location, and even the time of day, she integrates these details into a meaningful and impactful program. As a member of the National Improv Association, she will sometimes use Improv Workshops to help teams grow. She leads, they laugh, and everyone learns.

See some Sample Keynote Topics Lisa has delivered below.


Collaboration, and Connecting with Diversity

Diversity is an incredibly important part of workplace and business growth. It offers fresh perspectives, increased creativity, effective problem-solving, and can improve the bottom line.

But diversity within the workplace also equates to diversity in thinking. By utilizing core communication skills in conjunction with Applied Improv strategies, teams will learn how to creatively problem-solve together. This talk brings team-building to the forefront and leaves participants more communicative and effective.

Say What? Getting Your Boss to Listen

Let’s get real. Not all bosses are great listeners. Maybe you feel like you are talking to a brick wall. Or maybe there is an excessive amount of “mansplaining” happening in your meetings –there’s always that one guy who butts in with a “well, actually.” Maybe it is just a consistent pattern of teams not being heard. Whatever the case, Lisa has you covered.

Lisa has spent her career working with high-level (mostly male) executives and gives tips from above that glass ceiling. She highlights the more humorous parts of corporate culture and delivers a talk that is both engaging and all too real. She uses actual examples that opened her eyes and shifted her thinking -  like the time she walked into her first large corporate meeting and for once found no line at the ladies’ room – to ignite teams. Lisa “Fun” Fey unlocks the powers (of good, not evil) to help teams manage their managers.

Accelerating Advancement

With three decades in sales, marketing, and training at The Coca-Cola Company, Lisa has picked up quite a lot of knowledge along the way. She didn’t just knock on the glass ceiling, she destroyed it. Now, she imparts what she has learned to those coming up behind her. We all know that there exist unwritten rules for getting ahead. The ones that fast-track you to leadership without nefariously working against others. Though the topic is serious, she makes it fun and engaging. She treats the participants like she had wanted to be treated – and gives audiences those “secret” rules for advancement that she wishes someone had told her. All while making them laugh.

Had the privilege of sitting through a speaking presentation that Lisa held at a Women in Plastics event. She is very engaging and thought provoking, I would highly encourage anyone considering using her for your event.

Ryan Samples

Branch General Manager at Piedmont Plastics

Lisa Fey is a wealth of information! She has has given me a whole new perspective on leading the team. I really enjoyed your presentation at IAPD In Atlanta. I have read over your book 3 times in a month. Thank you Lisa!

Stacy Helms

Inside Sales Supervisor at Mitsubishi Chemical America

Lisa is a knowledgeable, authentic, passionate, inclusive, and engaging speaker. Her message is inspiring and empower women to take action and make a positive change in their work environment.

Rebecca Samson-Inclan

Brand Manager at SIMONA AMERICA Group