Meeting Planners

Look, we know planning a spectacular conference, assembly, meeting, or any event takes a lot of time and money. We also understand that your success is measured by how much the audience learns, remembers, and has FUN. Our goal is to make your job easier, make you look fantastic, and ensure that your event is a huge success!

Lisa and her team are all about making the event planning process as easy and streamlined as possible. Below you will find important downloadable PDFs and high quality images you can use to aid in the marketing and production efforts of your event. If we don’t have something you’re looking for below, please email our office at [email protected]


Download Lisa’s full bio to include with your marketing materials. They can be used for conference programs, fliers, or other promotional materials for your event.

Speaker Microphone

Countryman or Lavaliere (preferred) microphone.

PowerPoint Slide Backgrounds

During Lisa’s presentation, the screen image should either be your company logo or your event’s theme slide. We have created an “Intro Screen” which you can use before and/or after Lisa’s presentation.

Images and Logo

The images shown below will download as high resolution images. Just tap on the image of your choice for immediate download.

Lisa Fey headshot
Lisa Fey headshot
Lisa Fey headshot
Lisa Fey headshot