Lisa Fey ignited a
room full of professionals.

Many of us were truly inspired
to mentor and encourage
our future leaders.”

Sandy D. Welfare, Executive Director, Women in Technology

''She is a very dynamic speaker
and keeps the audience engaged.''

“The events Lisa facilitated would not have been a success
without her involvement.”

Christine Tombolesi, Portfolio Management Director at GE Capital

''Lisa has the ability to captivate
and engage her audience''

“Her message is not only heard but
most importantly remembered.”

Evangeline Klingbeil, Key Account Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

Engage, inspire, and develop your workforce...

With 30 year’s experience at The Coca-Cola Company,
Lisa has a wealth of hard-earned lessons to motivate your audience.

Learn By Laughing

Lisa is a storyteller. She motivates audiences by engaging their real-world aspirations, failures, and achievements in the world of business.

Enhance Performance

Whether it’s new products, programs, or ideas, Lisa works with individuals and companies to kick-start change and deliver tangible results.

Tap Into a Leader's Perspective

Lisa’s experiences include 30 years of leadership positions in Sales, Marketing, and Capability Building at The Coca-Cola Company.

Implement Actionable Insights

Lisa led high performing teams across the U.S. and helped implement new sales technologies across Europe for a Fortune 50 company.


“Lisa gave one of the most hands-on, put-to-good-use-right-away TEDx talks I can recall. She did so with a great sense of humor and tremendous audience interaction.”

Lee Pratt, MEJDI Tours

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Keynote Speaking

Are you seeking organizational change or renewal? Lisa can empower your audience with the personal tools for growth, change, and performance.

Business Consulting

With 30 years in a Fortune 50 company, Lisa helps client groups utilize their talents to get more done while increasing personal satisfaction inside and outside the workplace.

Sales Training

Lisa leverages her experience deploying new sales technologies for The Coca-Cola Company to help sales teams work better together and achieve their sales goals.

Applied Improv

Lisa builds teamwork and improves workplace communication through improvisational workshops. Participants learn to listen carefully, be in the moment, contribute positively, and unleash their potential.

Get ready to start learning by laughing!

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