Polishing Your Communication for Student Athletes – Lisa Fey Speaks – 10-Pack



There comes a time in a competitive student-athlete’s junior career when they have to start thinking about the potential recruiting process. How will they communicate with their own coach? How will they communicate with recruiters? How will they communicate with their potential future coaches, school, or administration? Polish Your Communication is the book for any student athlete or parent of a student athlete getting ready to go through the recruitment process.

Sure, the in-game talent is vastly important, but how a student and their family or guardians interact with recruiters and others can expand or diminish their opportunities.

Together with Cheri Naudin, Lisa Fey lays out 52 tips to increase your potential, making colleges and universities more likely to select you. How? Through enhancing your communication skills. It is an off-the-field trait that can give you a powerful advantage and make you the most effective student athlete that you can be.

A difference-maker in your competitive field could be in your presentation, your team interactions, and possibly an improved academic or work ethic. This advice from Lisa and her co-writer, Cheri, can help you harness the power of social media. You will understand how to navigate its potential pitfalls while utilizing it to your advantage.

In addition, these tips can unlock a new level of communication with your current or potential future coaches. You can learn to interpret their preferences and understand how they want to interact. This book can also help a student-athlete understand how to ask smart questions of not just their coaches, but also their trainers, staff, and recruiters. It teaches the importance of eliminating excuses and delivering results far beyond just making spectacular plays.

Polish Your Communication can truly help a student-athlete stand out off the field to round out their stellar play on the field.