A revelation in speaking

Conferences are long, executive meetings can be taxing, and let’s face it – a speaker can make or break the whole thing. So, you want someone who can hold your audience’s attention and leave them smiling. Enter, Lisa Fey. 






Are you ready to take off in your career and life but don’t know what flight to get on? From small town girl to Fortune 50 powerhouse, Lisa Fey knows the way (because she’s been there).  Lisa’s background as a 30-year corporate executive for The Coca-Cola Company, along with her love for travel adventures, has enabled her to create a real-life roadmap for transformation. Using delightful storytelling and improv comedy, Lisa opens your doorways of possibility and invites you to experience the destinations of your dreams. Life and business are adventures to be savored…even if they run out of snacks every once in a while.

Participants of Lisa’s signature programs will:

  • Identify how understanding our desires and discomforts is essential in creating a solid plan while fueling the commitment it takes to make it a reality, whether it’s growing the business or improving the culture
  • Explore how we can manage departures and arrivals, staying centered and confident even when the plane gets diverted
  • Maximize the connections to make the trip more worthwhile

Lisa is your funny, relatable guide that keeps you headed in the right direction while leaving you with tools for immediate use.

As a powerful speaker for any audience, Lisa uses humor and storytelling in leading teams to grow, change, and increase performance. She keeps groups engaged, excited, and empowered. 

Improvisational workshops help bolster teamwork and communication within organizations. Lisa instills the principles of applied improv in sessions that will leave your teams interacting positively, listening to each other intently, and working in the moment together. 

Have your meeting or event managed by an experienced Mistress of Ceremony. Lisa brings her organizational skills coupled with engaging humor to facilitate meetings and events in a timely and efficient manner. You won't find a better person to hand the microphone to.