IMPROVe Your Communication

In this Book Excellence Award Winning book, Lisa Fey serves as both mentor and coach as she encourages you to develop and perfect your communication skills in this easy to read format. She doesn’t just share her pointers for enhancing communication, she tells you how to execute them. THEY ARE PRACTICAL AND EASY TO IMPLEMENT.  Her 52 tips are gems on how to improve Performance, Positioning and Perception and Put them into action immediately! She illustrates how the art of communication is improved through being positive and showing respect while at the same time using humor and having fun. Her recommendations  for active listening include: developing questioning techniques, displaying empathy and showing appreciation. This book also guides you on how to better use your time, email, and social media. The insights on pitfalls to avoid are priceless. The insistence on follow through and presenting yourself as a person of integrity will help broaden your network and reputation.   This book provides invaluable guidance to help you more effectively communicate the first time you attempt one of her down to earth tips!

This book is the recipient of the 2020 Book Excellence Finalist Award in the Personal Growth and Development Category.