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If you needed one manual to help you develop and perfect your communication skills, this would be it. A Book Excellence Award Winner, IMPROVe Your Communication gives practical guidance that is easy to implement. Lisa “Fun” Fey serves as both a mentor and coach as she encourages you along in an easy-to-read digest format.

The book has 52 tips and gems on “Performance, Positioning, and Perception, and Put them into action immediately!” Lisa not only takes you through each one, she also shows you how to get started and see success. Improvement is just a few pages away.

IMPROVe Your Communication illustrates the art of communication and how it can be enhanced through positivity and showing respect without sacrificing humor or fun.

Her recommendations for active listening include:

  • Developing Questioning Techniques
  • Displaying Empathy
  • Showing Appreciation

This book also guides the reader through effective time management and better use of both social media and email. Insights on avoiding pitfalls that could derail you are included as well. Utilizing the tools will help you broaden your network and solidify a positive reputation as you follow through and present yourself as a person of integrity.

The tips are down to earth, but your results will be out of this world.

IMPROVe Your Communication is the recipient of the 2020 Book Excellence Finalist Award in the Personal Growth and Development category.

5 reviews for IMPROVe Your Communication – Lisa Fey Speaks

  1. Alex Murray

    Must have for the burgeoning corporate neophyte or the seasoned professional.

    Writer and motivational speaker, Lisa Langley Fey, authored a book called, “IMPROVe Your Communication 52 Tips for Accelerating Your Performance, Positioning, and Perception”. It is an excellent reference for the burgeoning corporate neophyte or the seasoned professional.

    When considering the purchase think, Life’s Little Handbook meets the corporate world. IMPROVe Your Communication provides bite sized tips, advice, and anecdotes where Lisa tackles a number of subjects to help one successfully navigate the corporate landscape.

    This book comes highly recommended and rightfully so!

  2. Joanie Pendergrass

    Quick Read and Solid Tips
    I love that she gave everything in bite-sized chunks. Also, not written stiffly, almost conversational. I will be buying and distributing to my team.

  3. Michelle Randles

    I was able to use Tip 25 (Have your Elevator Pitch Ready) and was ready to ask for the job promotion when the opportunity presented itself and tip 44 (Know How you Communicate, Honestly) overcome complacency and be assertive.

  4. Anonymous

    Tip 12, Make Time! Thank you Lisa Fey, MBA for reminding me today to schedule time for Michelle. You’re right, you can’t really make time but you can at least find a way to guard planning/thinking time for yourself. “You can’t sneak everything in between meetings and calls.. if you don’t block the time, you may have a hard time finding any.” -Lisa Fey. I’m so glad I got to meet you at the SHRM-Atlanta 2019 End of Year Chapter Meeting, and here’s to guarding my time every day

  5. SoulSistaAtlanta

    I moved to Atlanta knowing very few people, and while I’ve been here 4+ years, these are the people that I love being around for all the reasons mentioned above and more. My peace, my space and my mental state is top priority and they automatically get it. They are not my yes wo/men, they get me and I get them. They are my family, my friends, my pick me ups, my taste testers, my breaths of fresh air, they are my everything!! “If you are surrounded by positivity, people trying to do a good job, those with aspirations, and individuals wanting to make a difference, it will have an impact on how you think and feel, as well as your inspirations.” TIP 40 OF 52 from @lisafeyspeaks’s book “IMPROVe your communication”.

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