IMPROVe Your Communication – Lisa Fey Speaks – 10-Pack



If you needed one manual to help you develop and perfect your communication skills, this would be it. A Book Excellence Award Winner, IMPROVe Your Communication gives practical guidance that is easy to implement. Lisa “Fun” Fey serves as both a mentor and coach as she encourages you along in an easy-to-read digest format.

The book has 52 tips and gems on “Performance, Positioning, and Perception, and Put them into action immediately!” Lisa not only takes you through each one, she also shows you how to get started and see success. Improvement is just a few pages away.

IMPROVe Your Communication illustrates the art of communication and how it can be enhanced through positivity and showing respect without sacrificing humor or fun.

Her recommendations for active listening include:

  • Developing Questioning Techniques
  • Displaying Empathy
  • Showing Appreciation

This book also guides the reader through effective time management and better use of both social media and email. Insights on avoiding pitfalls that could derail you are included as well. Utilizing the tools will help you broaden your network and solidify a positive reputation as you follow through and present yourself as a person of integrity.

The tips are down to earth, but your results will be out of this world.

IMPROVe Your Communication is the recipient of the 2020 Book Excellence Finalist Award in the Personal Growth and Development category.


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